Have Researchers Been Naughty or Nice This Year?

December 23rd, 2019

For me, Christmas has never lost its wonder. Nothing quite matches my childhood memories of waking up on Christmas morning and the exhilaration of seeing what magically appeared under the tree: a racing car set, a new basketball, a Dallas Cowboys jersey! How could Santa read a short handwritten note and understand my innermost wishes?

Well, it turns out that Santa’s workshop had the most technically advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) recommendation engine in the world – delivering games, toys, clothes, and entertainment directly aligned with the interests and needs of children all over the world.

But even Santa can’t keep a great technology under wraps – elves get better offers elsewhere – and now offshoots of the North Pole’s AI technology are popping up across a of plethora of industries – delivering the wonder of personalized music, clothing, and social content to consumers. The core of this technology remains true – turn a short list of interests into the delivery of personalized goods and services.

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My wife get’s her fix every month – Stitch Fix that is – delivered right to the door. Stitch Fix provides “Personal Styling for Everybody”, clothing hand selected by their expert stylists. For the first few months, she returned between 80 and 100% of the delivery – unwittingly contributing valuable training data for complex AI technology finely tuned to current clothing styles. Over time, the monthly fix began to provide the desired wonder and exhilaration of personalized shopping – clothing she may not have known she wanted or needed.

My teenage son plugs into his own AI-driven world – bobbing and weaving to music playlists from Spotify. By tapping into highly specialized ‘Graphs’, Spotify connects him to a seemingly endless supply of music from artists he would have never found without the assistance of artificial intelligence engines.

Like most young women, our daughter demonstrates a strong interest in thumb exercises – scrolling through Facebook and Instagram stories and feeds, sending valuable contributions to AI engines with each tap and swipe. Social content zips across global networks of friends and family, digitally detailing her daily events.

AI technology has established new paradigms for shopping, music and video consumption, and social communication. Consumers are no longer searching – their personalized needs are being delivered directly to them, exposing them to relevant goods and content they would not have benefited from using older paradigms.

But has AI technology left behind the knowledge worker?

Researchers and analysts today are still faced with the daunting task of hunting and gathering for their main capital – knowledge. Sure, search engines are magically interpreting our misspelled queries and providing lists of content – but how many different sites must be searched? We have media and advertisements constantly streaming to us, but when it comes to finding the information we need to do our most critical tasks, we’re left in an antiquated paradigm. The nuggets of information are out there, but we must wade through oceans of data and superfluous content to find them. Finding relevant knowledge is a tiring and time-consuming exercise, wastefully repeated across organizations, and costs billions in productivity and opportunity costs every year. The average knowledge worker loses 20% of productivity searching and duplicating work – that’s about 10 weeks per year spent searching!

At Keeeb, we are flipping the tables on research and bringing the experiences we are familiar with as consumers into the enterprise space. We’re building sophisticated AI technology intended to bring the wonder and exhilaration of personalized knowledge delivery to every researcher, whether naughty or nice by changing the paradigm: no longer will the user have to navigate to knowledge; with Keeeb’s Intelligent Platfom (IP), knowledge navigates to you.

Enjoy your holiday season – in my next Blog, I’ll review Keeeb’s New Years resolutions … and if you are a researcher, you will find them very interesting!

Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform

Keeeb’s Enterprise IP enables organizations for the first time to establish one continuous workflow for finding, curating, creating, and collaborating knowledge:

  • Bundle data repositories in one unified platform (e.g. Salesforce, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Office 365, Confluence, third-party knowledge providers, and enterprise systems): For the first time organizations can transform a simple Google search into a complex universal search that yields not only public knowledge, but private, professional, and people knowledge that was previously beyond the reach of browsers.
  • Discover knowledge intuitively: Organizations will turn the cumbersome search process into an intuitive, automated knowledge discovery flow initiated directly at the point of application where people are used to search.
  • Collect, curate, and create knowledge efficiently: Any kind of content can be collected, curated, and synthesized into a dynamic, engaging research package accessible directly in your everyday productivity applications.
  • Share and collaborate on knowledge with no detours: By making sharing and collaborating on knowledge easier and faster than ever before, organizations can significantly enhance their productivity and profitability.


"A personal Google for everyone" – The Wall Street Journal

Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform unleashes enterprise intelligence by maximizing the productivity and performance of employees, revolutionizing digital engagement with information, and accelerating the commercial, social, and personal progress of organizations.

To this end, Keeeb connects all existing knowledge from public, private, people, and professional sources in one unified platform, transforms the manual search into an intuitive, automated discovery by integrating knowledge into familiar digital environments presenting it at the point of application, and enhances workflow productivity by making collecting, curating, sharing, and collaborating knowledge easier and faster than ever before.

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