Keeeb and German institute for education "Buendnis fuer Bildung" for digitalization of education sector

September 27th, 2018

The Hamburg-based technology company Keeeb joins the German institute for education "Buendnis fuer Bildung". In doing so, Keeeb will actively participate in developing approaches for digitalization issues for the education sector driving IT-supported teaching and learning environments forward and making the chances of digitalization for everyone usable.

"Keeeb is the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and [...] intuitive intranet." – European leader of IBM’s digital cities

Founded in 2013, Keeeb makes the knowledge and information of organizations easily, intuitively, and intelligently accessible for employees, clients, partners, and members. This is realized by:

  • bundling all existent information from different data systems (e.g. Salesforce, Box, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365, Confluence),
  • implementing an intuitive search and research process with the help of a Google plugin,
  • exploiting artificial intelligence, and
  • integrating an easy and efficient collaboration.

By linking the products Keeeb Discovery and Keeeb Collections an intuitive and integrated access to knowledge and information is combined with an easy-to-use research platform.

Both international research and consultancy companies as well as national digitalization providers for the education sector already trust on Keeeb for transforming the challenges of digitalization into their own strengths.

You would like to know more about Keeeb? Just contact us at +49 40 2109143 71 or!

Buendnis fuer Bildung (BfB)

As a non-profit association the German institute for education "Buendnis fuer Bildung" aims supporting the digital transformation in the area of teaching and training. The association constitutes the interface between the education industry and the public sector for collectively developing solutions and reference models.

At the BfB IT companies, publishers, startups, and educational institutes as well as representatives of the public sector, which are highly involved with the development and realization of standards and reference solutions for education and infrastructures in teaching and learning environments, meeting under one umbrella.


Founded in 2013, Keeeb and its 20+ employees are located in the US, Europe, and Africa. Keeeb aims giving your employees, clients, and partners access to the knowledge and information of your company efficiently and intelligently.

For this, Keeeb connects existing data repositories, optimizes the search and research process, supports you with artificial intelligence, and focuses on usability. The Keeeb technology makes your knowledge and information management more intelligent, increases your productivity, and saves precious time.

"Keeeb is refreshing and reminds me of Heinrich von Pierer's legendary statement at a Siemens balance sheet press conference: "If Siemens knew, what Siemens knows, our figures would be much better."." – Jens Ruester, T-Systems International

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