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Unleashing Enterprise Intelligence


Keeeb fuels your digital transformation by empowering every individual to both access and amplify the collective intelligence of the enterprise.​

Our SaaS-based Intelligence Platform builds connections between communities of knowledge workers and the information they need to inform critical decisions and execute. We achieve this with an intelligent search broker, a digital curation environment, and user-generated data collection. Combined, these elements advance a paradigm where knowledge navigates to users. Keeeb delivers the right information to the right individual when and where it is needed and immediately scales new insights to approved audiences to fuel further exploration and discovery. This informs smarter decisions, accelerates innovation and growth, and illuminates new possibilities. This is what it means to unleash enterprise intelligence. ​

Jens Rüster
T-Systems International

Keeeb is refreshing and reminds me of Heinrich von Pierer's legendary statement at a Siemens balance sheet press conference: "If Siemens knew what Siemens knows, our figures would be much better.".

T. Reckhaus
IBM - European Leader of IBM’s Digital Cities

Keeeb is the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and create a more intuitive intranet. Keeeb’s intelligent solution allows us to offer our hundreds of enterprise customers a way, to maintain a smarter overview over their data.

The Wall Street Journal

A personal Google for everyone.