Create Room For Your Mind.

Organize and share your ideas like never before.

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Remember The Important.

Collect videos, images and text to create wonderful topic pages.

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Create Room To Think Free.

Organize and share your ideas like never before.

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It's All About Context.

Connect the important with a unique grouping function.

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Three things

  • Collect Anything

    Save your ideas, things that inspire you, things you like, things you see, anything.

  • Organize Visually

    Create gorgeous and meaningful topic pages in minutes. Group and sort everything with great ease.

  • Share & Inspire

    Everything is private, but if you want, you can work in teams or share your topics.

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6 Power Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else For Free

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    Save anything from the web

    Keeeb is the perfect tool to collect anything that inspires you. May it be for your personal projects, creative ideas or professional work. Keeeb it!

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    Save your own files

    You know we don’t have speed limits on German Autobahns. That’s why there is no limit for uploading your own images and writing you own notes.

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    Private or public.

    Keeeb offers unlimited private topic pages. You don’t have to worry about who might see your precious collections. 100 percent control for you.

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    Collaborate in Teams

    Get your friends, collegues and family to keeeb the things you are passionate about together. It is simple, fast and solves so many problems.

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    Share your best collections

    What you keeeb is who you are. Sharing your collections with others is the best way to let others know how great you really are.

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    Discover great collections

    Keeeb not only helps you saving the things you discover. You will also follow other people's discoveries.


  • Robin Good

    Keeeb allows you to clip, collect and organize any valuable content, that you find online. From entire web pages to images, videos and text, while remaining fast, intuitive and clean. If you are content curator, researcher or information librarian this is a must have app to keep in your toolkit."

    Robin Good, MasterNewMedia, “King of Content Curation”, Rome

  • David Papworth

    I don't want to be signed up for one site I can grab videos, another site for articles, another site for graphics, and another site to pull twitter feeds. Keeeb does all of this for me, and more, in a onestopshop allowing me to refer back to any of my web findings in one spot. You gotta love it!

    David Papworth, Creative Director of mcgarrybowen LABS, NYC

  • Emma McGowan

    Once I started keeebing, I couldn’t stop! I found myself thinking of more and more categories that I’d like to fill and people I’d love to share them with. This is the perfect way to get lost in the rabbit hole that is the internet, mainly because it makes me feel like I’m doing something other than just surfing. I’m creating something!

    Emma McGowan, Writer

  • Hammad Saleem

    Keeeb did impress me with its functionality and usage. It has a simple and easy to use user interface. Keeeb is a very useful online utility that allows users to save web clippings from any website. All you have to do is select any element such as text, images, videos, etc. and it will save it to your Keeeb profile.

    Hammad Saleem, Author at Appstorm

  • Nancy Messieh

    Keeeb is definitely one of the slickest web curation sites we have come across.It’s easy to use, it’s sleek interface is attractive, and the way that its set up – it places more emphasis on the content itself rather than on the users creating it – and as they say – content is king.

    Nancy Messieh, writer photographer and editor, living between Washington DC and Cairo.

  • Denis Poussard

    Knowledge is a gift from heaven, it doesn't belong to anyone, that's why it must be freely shared, because Sharing is communicating to others, is passing on, is nourishing the rising generation.

    Denis Poussard, Social Media Enthusiast

  • Sarah Brooks

    I happened to read a blog post about the Copywriters portfolio and it mentioned Keeeb as a good new platform for this. I was intrigued. It seemed easy and flexible and not being a formal blogging platform is actually what I liked about it. I thought it could be whatever I wanted it to be.

    Sarah Brookes is a junior creative planner, with an enthusiasm for digital innovation, culture and the arts.

  • Richard Tubb

    The web browser plugin allows me to capture snippets of info – text, pictures, videos – and Keeebit (get it?) to project or topic pages. Very Pinterest in look and feel. I’m finding it very useful!

    Richard Tubb, Writer

  • Daniel Zeevi

    We are proud to be one of the first early adopters of Keeeb, and really enjoy what the site has to offer and the slick user interface. Keeeb is a great place for us to discover and curate content while we're building our audience in the global marketplace.

    Daniel Zeevi, CEO